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Immersive Entrepreneurs & What's Next for Me

I'm an immersive entrepreneur. Not all are; some want to know the basics of what they need to know to sell their products or services, and that's enough, which is a very good thing because it means a lot of business keeps moving that way. But innovation can only occur at the point of the problem, which we can perhaps envision, but most of us learn more by working on it in real time, in the room, experiencing the problems and obstacles that serve as the sand in our oyster (broad discovery can happen anywhere, as can vision). We have to touch it, toss it up and down, stare at it for hours, ask it how it's doing, what its lineage is, how its ancestors were made, what went wrong and why, how often. We need to know the smell of the room, the noise in the hallway, the motion outside the window--the environmental stuff when it's relevant. The bottom of a delivery van gets hot to the touch on a hot summer day--you might not want to pack the floor with boxes of chocolate