Projects & Interests

Film: Children in  a Jar
Conceived of, funded, and produced this documentary film on street children in Central America, directed by Andrea Campbell. The poverty in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala is terrible, and the US has such power to change the system that keeps these countries and their people in such bad shape.

Social Venture Network (member) SVN is a network of business people and leaders who choose to run social ventures through business. I believe that business can serve as a vehicle for our highest aspirations, and hope to influence mainstream companies to adopt principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

Healthcare for All PA Everyone should have healthcare, and the most efficient way to do so affordably is through a universal, single-payer system. I helped start this in 2004 by organizing a legislative conference in Harrisburg on the issue.

Alliance for Sustainability (former Board member)

PA Workforce Development Board
Former board member, appointed by Governor Wolf in 2014.

Business for a Fair Minimum Wage
I've spoken on their behalf and actively advocate for fair pay, with the belief that business owners have a responsibility to pay life-sustaining wages to their people.

Lancaster Community Gardens
I started this in 2012 with a group of volunteers. We created 70 plots on 17,000 sf of soil on fallow farmland on the edge of the City of Lancaster. The gardens are still growing!


Focus (2009)
Software that tracked your computer usage and allowed you to block websites and see reports on your time spent on each site or application

Buckets (2009-2010)
Buckets was a precursor to Trello but never released. I wanted a way to do a quick brain-dump and reorganize each item 

Jawaya (2010-2012)
Jawaya was a search engine where results were derived from ranked and endorsed results of prior searchers.


Stealth project (current)
I'm working on a hardware-software solution for making every day a bit brighter. We're currently in the R&D phase; after validating the core assumptions and nailing down costs, we'll decide whether to launch the project. If we do it will be on KickStarter or IndieGogo. Based on an idea from 2014.