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The Lancaster Food Company: 20,000 Loaves Donated

One of the biggest challenges of building a commercial bread company is handling unsold product, otherwise known as waste. From the beginning we donated any unsold product, initially to the Council of Churches Food Bank because I had a previous relationship with them from my Lancaster Community Gardens days. Over time we added a variety of food banks, kitchens, and churches, including Crispus Attucks and Water Street. One of our key indicators is our "return rate"; it's the measure of invoiced products vs. unsold product; we give full credit to stores for unsold bread. We lose money when there's a lot, and we make money when there's only a few. When there are no returns, we're leaving money on the table because we don't really know the strength of the demand. The ideal scenario is that we keep increasing the amount we deliver, and it always sells out, but that doesn't happen ofter, so the next best thing is we find the bottom of the market, which

The Tree

If we're friends on Facebook you might recognize this tree. This is the long rambling story of the tree. For over a year I've posted this tree regularly. The Christmas tree from 2015:  The rain tree:  The New Year's Tree (2016) ...which earned a comment from a friend: I like this tree's capacity to be many things.  🙌🏼 The Spring tree (2016) The green tree And one of my favorites At some point someone commented "what is it with the damn tree?" I must have posted well over 100 photos of the same tree.  I've taken many more. I have a love affair with trees, particularly the grand sycamores next to creek beds, with their bright, barkless branches. I'm obsessed with these large, beautiful trees, and I've taken thousands of photos of them. There's something about the way they capture light that lifts my spirit, especially during the darkest days of winter. These