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When Founders Founder

This post isn't about anyone specifically; it's about most founders, I suspect, including me. I say that because I talk with dozens of founders, and many of them will see themselves in this post. This past weekend, about 40 people gathered in Lancaster for Startup Weekend Lancaster, sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation. I was an organizer, coach, and a judge. The people were impressive--smart, talented, driven, committed. I was honored to be a part of it, and it sparked a lot of thoughts along the way--including the rest of this post. When Founders Founder Things get murky. They get murky at the beginning, when you're not sure of exactly what your model should be. Your pricing. Your positioning. Even your product. You're not sure of the pain you're easing, or even if there is pain. Or you've identified a pain that nobody else sees or feels, but you know it's there. Teaching others about the pain they have but don't feel seems daunting (it is)

No New Posts for a Bit

I'm taking a break from blogging, as you might have noticed if you're one of the three readers of this blog. I simply haven't had the inspiration lately, but I do hope to get back to the daily post soon. In the meantime, go read Brad Feld's latest posts or Steve Blank.