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Big Exits Matter, But Not Today

I was one of those entrepreneurs who thought everything I thought of was going to be huge. I still do. I jump into the model, move numbers around, apply growth rates, make assumptions, roll it back, push the numbers up and down, flow in different assumptions under different conditions. It's actually fun. I want to build a billion dollar company. You know what's cool? Not talking about building a billion dollar company. What's cool is doing the work to get there. What's not cool is focusing on the big number. You start there, sure. It takes $100 million to $200 million of revenue to get a billion dollar valuation in a decent market on the upswing. But really I don't care that much about that. I mean, I do--that will be great. I believe we can get there. But what's compelling is building products that serve people, shaping them to serve them better, building a team to serve the mission, and all the little wins along the way. It takes thousands of lit

Nice Profile by Central Penn Business Journal

Central Penn Business Journal serves the Central PA region (~3.5 million people live here). They're supportive of the local tech eco-system, and today published a nice profile (with a forgiving picture!) on me here . I'd love to see more publications give a focus on our local tech scene. We have a tremendous number of passionate entrepreneurs working on interesting startups, and the more attention we give them the more likely it is we'll be able to 1) attract the capital and 2) attract and retrain the right people to scale these promising companies. So thanks, Tim and the rest at CPBJ for your focus on the tech startup scene!

Beta 1, at last

I'll post about this sometime soon (shipping, iterating, obsessing, falling short--all the great stuff startups go through until they focus), but here's the beta announcement.   Looking forward to feedback :)