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Rails Developers in Central PA

It's time to build the team for Jawaya--a rare opportunity in Central PA to work on a cutting edge web services team that will compete with the top companies on the web. This is classic seed stage startup--very little cash, but a great chance for early stock ownership, and potential to really change the way people use the web. If you're into reducing the noise and increasing the signal, Jawaya could be the startup for you. We have almost 1400 people signed up waiting for a beta that needs your help to get it out the door. So we're looking for a few great Rails developers near Lancaster to join the effort--experienced Rails developers only who can work fast, understand scalability, code re-use, and agile, and have a passion for serving the vision, the team, and the customer. Please send an email to me (I'm easy to find) or post here if you're interested.  Thanks!

Launch Timing

Pre-launch startups have tons of decisions to make every week--some are big-picture, directional choices, most are detailed choices in code and design. One is a mix of both. Launching to alpha testers is tough enough; launching to beta testers is incredibly hard. Founders have a natural sense of perfection--we want people to see the whole picture, to have a great experience, and to tell everyone about the treasure they've just discovered. Right. Well, perfect is in fact the enemy of progress. Ship early, ship often. But it's really very tough when it just isn't quite right. One more day...more more week...another few weeks...and someone else has released before you have. Ship early.

Heading West

This week I hit the Valley hard on a fundraising mission. I don't need a ton for this round, but I'd like to raise $750k to build a team and have a year and a half of running room. It's tough to organize a trip like this though while coding. My coding is slow, as always, and I literally have to schedule two hours a day for making calls to contacts, venture firms, etc. Some want a summary, some want the model, some just want the demo. The first two won't happen until I hit the plane--I don't feel I can afford the coding break to work on that. That can become a frustrating cycle, because I'd rather have a team of coders funded by investment than just me and my loyal but part time help (who is a much better coder). The balance can be tough. But I've got some running room, with two investors committed, and a third committed once there's X amount raised. So back to coding, after a minor blog break. Digging in... + CNN = Lots of Traffic

Thanks for all of the interest, folks, and special thanks to Fred Wilson, host of . Fred asked me to post on the only M&A experience I've had, and somehow it took off. Over 10,000 visitors so far. This internet thing is going to be big! ;) Jawāya (ja|wāy|a, hard j) is in alpha stage, but we invite you to sign up to participate in the early beta this month. There will be three phases of our rollout; at first it will be a personal utility. Over time, it will morph into the full experience. Which, of course, we're not ready to talk about yet. So please sign up now , and we'll so deeply appreciate your help, input, testing, and thoughts when we're ready. Soon :) UPDATE: Site traffic passed 12,500 through Thursday; most was Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday the story had moved off the landing pages of CNN Money. It's kind of a firehose, that CNN. We've had over 1300 people sign up for the beta--thanks everyone! We'll start rolling it out slowly sometim

Beta Signup

I've been working for quite a while on a new search concept, though the further in I get, the closer the rest of the world gets to what we're doing. So today I'm inviting you to sign up for the rather modest beta, which will be ready soon if we can nail down a few difficult  details. Jawaya is a way of navigating the web and getting better results. And that's as much as I can say right now, because we're not a funded startup, and things are moving really fast in this space--it's going to be very competitive. I predict there will be about 10 funded startups in the next 6 months doing something similar. One of them will be mine, and we aim to make it the best. We're raising a round of capital to fund the team, and are shooting for early sustainability. This is my fifth company; my fourth in the tech space, and my third software company. I think it will be the biggest and can possibly have a positive impact on the world by reducing the amount of time it takes