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On Monday I headed to New York for a party thrown by Fred of (I think he's a VC on the side, too). Great time, great people, good to see Fred amped up. I've seriously considered moving back. And why not? NY has a high concentration of smart, ambitious, thoughtful, creative people. Life there is worth the work it takes to live there. I'm more experienced, wiser, and a bit more cautious, and I can see that translating into something unique and special. I can see leading a later-stage startup, or changing entirely to work on social justice issues, which is where my heart is.  And that leads me back home to Lancaster. Where my heart is. I've decided to stay. Here's why--and I think these are obvious reasons.  My family's here, and over the past nine years since I've been back we've become closer. I've invested a lot of time and social capital in helping to improve things here, if ever so slightly, and having positive impact is somet