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The Not Really Sharing Economy

Words have meaning, words matter. Sharing is one of the great human attributes; you have something and your neighbor can benefit from it, you see the need, you offer to share it. There's no or little cost to you, and no cost to your neighbor. In the lunchroom: "Would you like to share my table?" On the playground: "Would you like to share my ball?" At the picnic: "Please, have some of our chicken!". That's sharing. We share without the expectation of something in return. Sharing is not transactional. It's an act of generosity, an act of love, and sometimes an act of necessity. So when the tech, investment, and startup media and bloggers came up with "The Sharing Economy", they weren't talking about you and I pooling our tools together, creating a tool library, and sharing it with others. They weren't talking about a couple sharing a milkshake. They were talking about transactions involving excess capacity o

Lancaster Food

So we're rolling--we landed on shelves this week with the first four products from The Lancaster Food Company: organic whole wheat, organic soft white, organic sandwich rye, and organic sprouted multigrain. Lots to catch up on, so I plan to start posting a bit more soon. I've said that before, eh?