December 3, 2011

Weekend Project: Rails on OSX Lion

I've been running Rails on Ubuntu on Oracle's Virtual Box, and boy are my arms tired. It's slow. Very, very slow. It seems to be a progressive thing; initially it's moderately slow--slow boot, slow responses--but it crawls to a halt soon enough that coding is no longer really possible.

If you have any insights, please let me know.

What's nice about virtual box is that if everyone on the team is running it, you have a consistent environment and the config issues drop to about zero.

Instead I'm going to install Rails natively on Mac OSX Lion, which has its own issues as a Rails host, apparently. I've found installation guides here and here, but neither has been a direct path to Rails heaven. I'm not a Rails expert, plus I'm new to Mac. Oh snap...

So now I'm faced with a choice: potentially waste hours in config time, or simply work on another weekend project, like Node :)