April 19, 2011

I am amped!

I've been working on this vision for about 6 months, with the typical ups and downs, a change in platform, UX issues, team building, etc. 

The original idea set my brain on fire, and the possibilities really got me amped. 

Over the weekend, I got amped again, because one of the key parts left the idea stage, where it's been for six months, and entered the alpha. 

Burnout, which I am not suffering from but have in the past, is a state of mind. You lose the passion that drives you through the toughest stuff, the obstacles--both external and internal, both the company's and your own. 

I love the passion stage. Sometimes it lasts for years, and the types of things that kill passion have little to do with markets, products, or ideas. It's about people, and the people who have your back. If you lose that, burnout will follow, and stay, until something changes. 

I love this stage.