December 8, 2010

Train Time, Plane Time

It's amazing how you can get blown out of the water--the fun, amazing startup water--by external forces. I haven't coded much in the past five days because of  a variety things, from family to the school district, and I'm feeling way behind schedule.

This week I'm meeting with investors on the West Coast. Everyone asked for the summary or plan, which I've sketched out but haven't finished. I've relied on the ChiliSoft headline, which I think has a half-life of 5 years, which means were entering the phase of diminishing efficacy.

Today I take the train to NY and fly to the Bay. The idea was to stack the day today with meetings in NY, but the timing didn't work out, so it's only two, with the possibility of a few more Monday.

I use the 2.5 hrs of train time to work on business models and plans. I really value the time, because it's largely disconnected from the web, so I allow fewer distractions.

Plane time is the best for coding if I have decent space; I'm still a big guy (slowly declining!) so it makes it tough on packed flights. But as an unabashed geek, I carry a keyboard with me which I can have on my lap, and put the notebook on the tray beside me if I can.

Airtime is perfect for coding and working on business models. This time I'll knock out the business model, summary, brief visual presentation, and then hopefully knock out some code. Late to bed, early rise, code some more and head to San Francisco to see my great friend and rising VC Christine Herron. Who will then tell me the error of my ways over lunch.

Flights are getting cheap again, to the point that I think it's worth it to make a trip twice a month. The best part of those trips? Plane time, and face time. I can do without the lines, the inevitable groping by TSA, the packed planes. But focused plane time--I really love it. Likely means we should cut off the web to our house...