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Sign Up for the Focus Beta

The new software is coming along slowly. Ironically, it's to help people focus while using the computer, and I've had trouble focusing throughout the development progress. While the software isn't just for those with ADD/ADHD, it's been helpful for me ever since I finished a few features that help block out distractions. A few years ago I was formally diagnosed with ADD; if you know me this likely won't surprise you. To sign up to try the software, please click here . Your feedback can significantly influence the design and functionality, and will be helpful to anyone who adopts the software.

Private Beta

I've been working on something for about 6 months. The results are decent, but it's not where I want it to be yet. It's time for feedback! The software is designed to help me focus. The funny thing is, it's taken so long to get it finished because I'm having trouble focusing. With the software near completion, it's definitely been helpful for managing my time better. Maybe it can help you too. And maybe you can give me some direction and feedback. Please sign up for the private beta . I'll send an email in a week with instructions for participation. OTHER SOFTWARE LIKE THIS There's a lot of software for managing tasks and time. There's even software very much like what I'm building, but it's more big-brother software than personal productivity software. The reason I decided to build this is that none of the software really worked well for me. As a guy who struggles with ADD, I found the other software too distracting or too cumbersome. This i

Startup Equity Allocation

I might be building a new team for the new company. While I'm a little reluctant to do so because it's always a risk, I do miss having people I can count on and who are pulling for the work we're doing. Teams can be great (and they can break down, as well--a subject for another post). So a question I get from entrepreneurs is how to allocate stock. There are a lot of other posts about this, so I'm not going to do into great detail here (just Google "startup equity employees" and "Feld startup equity"). But here are a few thoughts. Don't be greedy. There's negative dilution and positive dilution. Positive dilution is when you give stock or options and are diluted as a result, but the person creates more value than the cost of the dilution. Negative dilution is when the contributor doesn't increase the overall value of the company, or worse, hurts it. Create a formula for "deferred" pay. There's really no such thing as d