Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Better writing

Hello again.  9/11 is just too big a topic, so today's is just about blogging. Meta.

I've been trying to blog daily for the past 12 days; I'm 10 for 12, not bad for baseball but not quite up to the achievable goal.

On two of those days I didn't post; one because I was in a different routine and simply forgot, and the other because it was long and not well written enough, like yesterday's.

Earlier today I read through much older posts, and it's clear I was a better writer then. I put more into it, at a time when I felt I had thoughts or insights worth sharing. And, notably, when I felt free to say what was on my mind.

And then I didn't feel as free.

We had started the food company, and so I pulled back from writing, and from community debates--partly because of time, partly because, frankly, we always needed investment so I was constantly raising it and didn't want my personal views to negatively impact financing, though in the end it likely did.

I decided the company was my community statement, and that would have to be enough. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I shouldn't really let risk inform my blogging, and I will try to be a better writer.

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