Friday, August 30, 2019

Blogger, Wordpress, Squarespace?

I started blogging in 1999, before it was called blogging and before there were, well, blogs.

So I built it myself in classic ASP in NotePad. Super basic: a title, date, an image, and the post. There was an index page ordered by date.

The font? Some version of Courier. 

It was just after I left ChiliSoft, and was traveling in Costa Rica as part of recovering from a helluva ride, and wanted a way to update people without having to send individual emails or to spam people. So there it was, the blog, until maintaining it became too much of a hassle with all of Microsoft's security updates and habit of breaking things.

I'm not sure when I started using Blogger, but I did a stint on TypePad first. Wordpress was the logical choice at some point after Google bought Blogger, but I never jumped, and I regret it, because Blogger pretty much sucks and hasn't improved much.

So I'm looking for the next platform for this site. You end up losing the SEO juice if you do a wholesale switch, so I'll keep this going with a link to the new blog (hasn't someone figured out a better way yet?). 

Fresh look, hopefully some better tools, and perhaps a decent blogging platform. Once again, Wordpress seems to be the logical choice, but what about SquareSpace, Wix, or others?

This will also be my consulting home base, so
  • easy blogging platform with SEO-friendly features
  • beautiful, modern, professional template 
  • wide selection of fonts
  • simple editing 
  • adequate free version, or low-cost awesome version
  • widgets for custom code
Let me know what you think--hoping to keep it as painless as possible. Or I could build a new one myself, which would of course be as painful as possible :) 

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