Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Holding Ourselves Accountable

Sometimes I fall short.

I'll say I'm going to do something, intend to do it, and simply forget. Or push my time too far, so whatever it is I committed to gets delayed. You might do this too, or people you know do it and you get shorted.

I experience it frequently enough it makes me question whether we need a better way for making simple day to day agreements and holding ourselves accountable.

It's simple to me: if you say you're going to do something, or open to doing something, and don't follow through--either through a mistake or with intent--you haven't met your commitment. The gap between what you say you're going to do and what you actually deliver is in some ways a measure of your integrity. Even the little things.

Most people don't mean to blow past commitments. Life catches up with us. Too busy. Overcommitted. I don't like that term because it implies there's dedication, yet if you get dropped as part of the overcommitment it's an expression of your value in the chain of commitments, and a lack of dedication, in a sense.

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