Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lancaster Transparency?

I'm happy for Kyle and Crystal--they'll be great owners of these properties.
I agree with the sentiment, though, that this was not well advertised or as transparent as we would expect from a public entity, and it should have been put out for bid or auction, however inconvenient that might be. It's not the first time the City's been less than vigorously transparent.
It raises an interesting question though: at what point should a city's control end (over who buys its properties)?
There's value in choosing the right steward, but it lends itself to benefiting those with an inside connection or scoop, and amounts to the city picking winners before everyone's had a valid opportunity to participate.
So instead of a celebration of the quite wonderful next step in the lives of these iconic buildings, the story is about a process that unnecessarily left people feeling left out and denied equal access to opportunity.

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