Wednesday, May 22, 2013


My desk is covered with papers. Like the bill from Comcast that reflects twice what my supposed package is supposed to be. And something from IRS errors in 2009 (or mine--we'll see). Some napkins, a plastic bag, community gardens agreements, and notes.

Lots and lots of notes.

Sketches of UIs. Business models. Designs. User experience stuff. Shopping lists. But mostly app ideas, narrowing of app ideas, lists of features, and narrowed lists of features.

I have 4 monitors with only two plugged in. Two broken iPhones, a Hartman Electronics fuzz I broke and need to send back to Theo, coins from Costa Rica, and lots of dust. Too much dust.

Looking around I now see that coffee mug I've been missing. All I had to do was look up and left. The floor is largely obstructed with papers designated for the trash. Apparently there are these things called trash cans, but I can't find mine beneath the clutter.

Clutter is a way of life. Not a great way, but my way for most of my life.

Today I'm taking an hour to de-clutter just this one space. And then I'm going to finish a few contracts and get back to coding in sweltering, humid heat.

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