Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I owned an oceanfront house in Beach Haven, NJ from 2000 to 2004--back in the good old days. We used to ride out the storms--hurricane, Nor'easters, sideways rain and sleet, snow, etc, and then wait for the following day offshore wind for the double overhead waves--tubes like you might see on the West Coast or Hawaii, but in 50-degree water.

LBI got hit very, very hard. Fortunately my neighbor evacuated. But the ocean surge at high tide and a full moon overwhelmed the dunes, and the ocean met the bay.  There's been a ton of damage.

I got married at the 4th St Pavilion. I saw a picture of the Pearl St Pavilion; it's totally demolished, so I imagine 4th street--just blocks away--suffered a similar fate.

But the damage to NYC and other areas is really hard to imagine. Salt water is so corrosive (tip: never by a car from someone living in a beach town); it's likely a lot of the NYC lower Manhattan subway electrical system will have to be replaced at some point. The sooner the better.

I hope you made it through the storm safely. Lancaster held up pretty well--some flooding, some outages, but it seems we're almost back to normal.

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