Friday, August 24, 2012

Feld Mentions SRTEs & Startup Revolution

I've been thinking a lot over the past few months about the Lancaster tech scene and the potential for a real ecosystem as we evolve Startup Lancaster and some of our founders land investment, build businesses, and/or exit. Brad Feld has really influenced my thinking about this over the years, partly through his work with Tech Stars.

So I sent Brad a link to an old post on tech ecosystems and how to create one in our region. Here's an excerpt from that post:
A self-sustaining, regenerative ecosystem has these indicators:
  • new startups formed by former employees of earlier startups
  • new startups staffed by former employees of other startups
  • new startups funded by investors and/or employees of earlier startups with part of the proceeds from earlier successes
  • through at least two cycles
He posted about it on Startup Revolution--thanks Brad! So what's that SR? It's part of his effort to shed light on startup communities and startup life, topics he covers in his upcoming books.

Check it out--lots of great stuff there. It should be a regular stop on your morning blog run.

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