Monday, January 10, 2011

Heading West

This week I hit the Valley hard on a fundraising mission. I don't need a ton for this round, but I'd like to raise $750k to build a team and have a year and a half of running room.

It's tough to organize a trip like this though while coding. My coding is slow, as always, and I literally have to schedule two hours a day for making calls to contacts, venture firms, etc.

Some want a summary, some want the model, some just want the demo. The first two won't happen until I hit the plane--I don't feel I can afford the coding break to work on that. That can become a frustrating cycle, because I'd rather have a team of coders funded by investment than just me and my loyal but part time help (who is a much better coder).

The balance can be tough. But I've got some running room, with two investors committed, and a third committed once there's X amount raised. So back to coding, after a minor blog break. Digging in...


  1. Best of luck Charlie! I'm sure you will be successful.

  2. I am sure you can't disclose everything, but how did the trip out west go? Still working on things? Love to hear an update.

  3. The trip went well--learned a lot, had some good investor meetings. Most are intrigued. Raised a bit of angel and added two board members.

    The bottom line is it's time to get some people using the software and add another developer